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You're photogenic.

Pac-Man, when a certain condition is reached, can counter attack and eat the monsters chasing him.

I am much obliged to you.

I hope I didn't make too many errors.

MI6 is a British secret service.


We're downsizing.

She was mad about the prank, but I got her good.

At the tone, please record your message.

After many years trying to get the man of her dreams, Barbara decided to give up all hope and to accept marrying Lucian.

I'd like to cancel my appointment for June first.

Gambling is legal in Nevada.

Do you think Anne is unhappy?

May I go out for a short walk?

All of their spouses got on the bus.

This film is for children.

These cards are the four of spades and the six of hearts.

I do not believe in pacifism.

This sidewalk is a lot narrower than the one across the road.


I think you need to tell Toft how you feel.

Most tributaries' waters end up in the middle of the stream.

Not so close!

Tanaka said he couldn't help List.

He's a newbie in Esperanto for sure.

Jitendra ran away from home.

What made him mad?

I don't think anyone would want to read this book more than once.

Saiid refused to execute the order.


She was very insistent.


The cat has pursued the mouse.

The police keep us safe.

Kitty is limping now.


Even though the car accident damaged his body, his optimism was intact.

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Our diplomacy and strategy ran in clear contradiction to each other.

Trust your intuition.

Will you get the phone?

Marvin didn't invite Danny to his wedding.

What do you have for breakfast?


Even though Boyce has had way too much to drink already, he's ordering another drink.


If you have any problems, I'll help.

She is washing her hands.

This is the flag of Japan.


Stephe has talked about running for governor.

Pria claimed that he had not eaten for three weeks.

Her mother became mad at us.

I'm not asking her.

You'd better go help them.

Moe said he didn't even want to think about that.

She can't be any more than twenty years old.

You like watches, don't you?

First day of school starts Monday.


Did you hear the noise?

The police thought the victim was Ravindran, but they were unable to identify the body.

When you return to your company, don't forget to keep in touch with me.


I need to go out for a while.

Jianyun visited Australia.

Having this meeting isn't going to do the trick, is it?

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Wake Shane up.

In comparison with yours, my car is small.

Steven is extremely generous.

Panos drowned in the ocean.

Traveling by boat takes longer than going by car.

You didn't give him a chance.

Molly is full of potential.


Would you like to taste this yummy cake?

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I appreciate what you are trying to do.


Indra kicked the wooden box.

The newspaper reported the death of the statesman.

I'm nowhere near thirty.

That shouldn't be much of a problem.

The memoir breathes the deepest respect for his father.


You disappear.

We want Travis to play a song or two for us on his banjo.

This rare brain-eating amoeba travels up the nose to the brain and starts eating it.

This summer I went to Nikko, and stayed overnight.

I want some help.

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Melinda was killed instantly when the bomb he was trying to defuse exploded.


Ti ate plain and simple food.

He collected coffee cups.

You'll catch up.

I forgot Clay knew how to play the accordion.

This sentence is boring.


You can't put anything over on Janos.

What are you going to do this weekend?

Five minus three is two.

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Oregon is just south of Washington.

You can't put a price on that.

Where were you born?

Take this seat, please.

What are we going to do about this?

You are always hearing but not listening.

In many countries, the poor pay more taxes as a percentage of their income than the rich.


That name doesn't mean anything to me.

I can't bring myself to do such a thing.

I can smell Leora's perfume. She must have been here earlier.

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You haven't tried hard enough.

We can't just fire them.

Swimming is a form of exercise.

Confine your remarks to the matter we are discussing.

I've just finished my work.

The mother was quieting her crying baby.

We moved last year.


The dogs belong to her.


I don't know what's taking Nathaniel so long.

Your impetuous remarks about us seem to have rung down the curtain on our good relationship.

Study on and on!

I am concerned for her.

I can't come here every time you call.

I take it we're stuck here for the next few hours.

Put your hands up!

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I met a lot of nice people.

Dan will always be here, in my heart.

Did this come with a guarantee?

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My uncle says he's about to embark on a new business venture.


What are some of your favorite TV shows?

I wish I could find something to read about collective nouns in Norwegian, or perhaps Danish.

What would you rather have at Christmas? Ham or turkey? Neither one, I'm vegan.

I think we need more coffee.

I often remember the place where we met each other.

Dan desired to kill Linda.

I feel that I should help you.

Butler and I know the truth.

We know the time when we were poor.

It wasn't like Dan to be so late.

I have paperwork to finish up.

Animals lives are no less valuable than our lives are.

We can't let her in.

Is there a bank around here?

I wish I'd been able to visit you when I was in Boston.

You have an hour.

Achille was born in 1908 in Paris.

I assume that no one knows the answer.

What's your favorite recording of Beethoven's Fifth?

Voting matters, I don't know how many times we have to learn this lesson.

I'd like you to look after my dog while I'm away.

Who is in charge of the office while the boss is away?

How many are there in your party, sir?


She waved both her hands so that he could find her.


These are very big apples.

There's really nothing more to say.

Something's changed.

The work was successful.

Hoover was born in the farm state of Iowa in 1874.

School uniforms are just out of fashion.

Now go have fun.


How do we know Lex will even come here?


She reached for the bag.

Phillip just told us he wouldn't be able to come to Axel's birthday party.

Bring an umbrella without forgetting.


I regret having been idle in my youth.

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The boy playing the guitar is my younger brother.

There's no need to panic yet.

Teruyuki offered Kimmo a third of his inheritance.

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How do you expect to weather the financial storm when the bank refuses to extend a helping hand?

We can beat them.

Don't you think you should've told Raja?

Jin is an introvert.

How did I do?


I never see you without thinking of Ken.

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Could it be done?


No wonder he died young.

We're going to leave tomorrow.

Isn't that your dictionary?